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Squadron is fully working on the future of our customers and is always looking for opportunities. We work together with autonomous experts who are passionate about business processes and taking digitisation to the next level at production companies. Experience the power of a close-knit community where we focus on your personal & professional growth. We make the difference with a very no-nonsense and hands-on approach. Interested, but didn't immediately find what you are looking for? Apply spontaneously and maybe we might be able to do something for each other. We're keen to find out!
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We attach great importance to our values, the basis for building lasting partnerships with our members and our customers. Our vision is that these should always be lived out internally and expressed externally: Squadron communicates in a positive and solution-oriented way. In mutual trust and with the commitment we invest together with our client and with each other in the development of projects with sustainable impact and in conformity with our charter of ethical and future-oriented entrepreneurship.

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